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Beloff, Dr. John (1920- ) A well-known U.K. parapsychologist, Dr. Beloff was appointed trustee of the Koestler Foundation (after Arthur Koestler, 1905-1983), and in 1984 he established the Koestler chair of parapsychology at Edinburgh University. He was president of the Parapsychological Association in 1972 and in 1982. He has contributed substantially to the psi literature.
      Dr. Beloff has affirmed his belief in such mediums as Eva C., Margery and Florence Cook, based on descriptions in the literature of their work.
      Following the Alpha Project (see psychokinete) in 1982, Dr. Beloff was the only parapsychologist who took advantage of the suggestion that an experienced, competent conjuror be consulted in cases of experiments where deception might be possible. The resulting exposure of a cheating subject saved his lab from pursuing further work with that subject, who has now taken up reading Tarot cards.
      One of John Beloff's books is titled Psychological Sciences (1974).

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