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Dixon, Jeane (née Pinckert, 1918?- ) Mrs. Dixon is a famous Washington seer who also claims healing powers. But her major claim to fame is that she is said to have predicted the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. In its March 11, 1956, issue, Parade magazine reported, concerning the 1960 presidential election:  

      Mrs. Dixon thinks it will be dominated by labor and won by a Democrat. He will be assassinated or die in office “though not necessarily in his first term.”

      The election was not “dominated by labor.” She was correct on the winner's party, and the death prediction was in line with the Presidential Curse (which see) since Kennedy fell into that pattern. But when 1960 arrived and the election was closer, Mrs. Dixon declared that Richard Nixon would win the presidency.
      The endless chain of Dixon's major failed predictions (such as Tom Dewey as “assistant president,” the fall of India's Nehru that never happened, Richard Nixon's return to office, germ warfare in 1958 with China, a monster comet striking the Earth, and the election of a female U.S. president——the last two to have taken place in the 1980s——and the dissolution of the Roman Catholic Church before 1990) establish that her actual, written record is hardly impressive. Nonetheless, she still has a large and enthusiastic following among credophiles.

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