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An Encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds, and Hoaxes of the Occult and Supernatural

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Egely, György Often, the evidence offered in support of psychic powers has to be examined critically, and in particular credentials of those endorsing such matters. A good example is the Hungarian would-be parapsychologist György Egely, who has enthusiastically endorsed the powers of such psychics as Uri Geller. He has stated that he is a Ph.D. professor and physicist at the Central Research Institute for Physics (CRIP), in Budapest. He also says that he “examined by electron beam scattering” a spoon bent by Mr. Geller and that he has no explanation for the event.

The would-be parapsychologist “Dr.” György Egely.

      A simple inquiry at the Research Institute for Atomic Energy (RIAE), CRIP’s successor, resulted in information that:

      1. Mr. Egely “is not and never was a professor at the Institute [CRIP].” He once worked at CRIP briefly as a mechanical engineer, but was dismissed “because he failed to produce any useful work.”
      2. he “is not a professor of anything at any Hungarian university.”
      3. he has received a “doctorate”——but under Russian standards which are no longer recognized in Hungary——and by Hungarian standards is not considered to be a Ph.D.
      4. he “is not a physicist.”
      5. the “electron beam scattering” examination could not have taken place at CRIP because “the Institute does not have, and never has had, the equipment for such a test.”

      A further inquiry to Dr. Gyula Bencze of Budapest reveals that

      “for several months Mr. Egely was a guest lecturer at the Eotvos University in Hungary, where he began lecturing on paranormal subjects and, as a result, the Dean of the Science Faculty banned him from doing any further teaching activity there.”

      How often are such inquiries made? Not often, and though an endorsement of a psychic event may come from individuals with excellent, genuine, qualifications, unless their expertise includes certain special talents needed for proper investigation of such matters, it is often useless.

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