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An Encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds, and Hoaxes of the Occult and Supernatural

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aura One new age claim that has received a great deal of attention involves the notion that humans are surrounded by some sort of a glow or “field” that is invisible to all but gifted psychics. The aura is of variable size, quality, and color, and occurs mainly surrounding the head, according to the aura seers.
      The variables are said to be indications of character, health, and emotions. Colors are particularly important:  

      Pink means affection.
      Bright red means anger.
      Dark red means passion and sensuality.
      Yellow means high intellectual activity.
      Orange means selfishness, pride, and ambition.
      Brown means greed.
      Green means many, many different things.
      Blue means religion and devotion.
      Purple means psychic ability and occult power.

      In representations of Christian and Buddhist saints and other holy figures, the halo shown probably indicates the aura. When it surrounds the whole body, it is known as the aureola.
      Numerous tests of the existence of this phenomena have proved negative.

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