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Lecture Series

The Case of the Cottingley Fairies

June 30 Letter from Arthur Conan Doyle to Arthur Wright

June 30 letter to A. Wright - front June 30 letter to A. Wright - obverse

Dear Mr. Wright I have seen the very interesting photos which your little girl took. They are certainly amazing. I was writing a little article for the Strand upon the evidence for the existence of fairies, so that I was very much interested. I should naturally like to use the photos, along with other material, in my article but would not of course do so without your knowledge and permission. It would be in the Xmas number. I suggest

  1. That no name be mentioned, so that neither you nor your daughter be annoyed in any way.

  2. That the use be reserved for the Strand only until Xmas. After that it reverts of course to you.

  3. That either 5 be paid to you by the Strand for the temporary use, or that if you don't care to take money, you be put on the free list of the magazine for five years.

The articles appear in America in connection with the Strand publication. I would, if you agree, try to get you another 5 from that side. If this is all agreeable to you I or my friend Mr Gardner would try to run up & have half an hours chat with the girls

Yours sincerely
A Conan Doyle

Arthur Wright's July 12 reply.

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Cottingly Extras
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