The Amazing Meeting 2014

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James Randi Educational Foundation
VIDEO: Live Million Dollar Challenge from TAM 2013 PDF Print E-mail
Latest JREF News
Written by JREF Staff   

Live on stage at The Amaz!ng Meeting 2013, we test a claimant for the James Randi Educational Foundation's Million Dollar Challenge. Join Chip Denman, Jamy Ian Swiss, Banachek, Richard Saunders, and D.J. Grothe as they conduct a test of an paranormal claimant, Mr. Brahim Addoun of Algeria, who says he can demonstrate "remote viewing." Can Mr. Addoun use his claimed mystical abilities to identify random objects hidden under controlled circumstances as claimed? A million dollars is on the line!

Ignorance is trendy: This week in Doubtful News for April 22, 2014 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sharon Hill   

Here is a rundown of the alternative views that will make you less smart this week courtesy of Doubtful News.

Brandon Reports from Europe PDF Print E-mail
European Tour
Written by Jeff Wagg   

Brandon has been extremely busy in Europe with Randi's sold-out tour. Crowds have been large and enthusiastic. But he did have time to send off this missive and video:

Greetings, Jeff. It's late at night in Tallinn, Estonia, where Randi just lectured in the old city center at the Science Academy. The Academy is one of those glorious old estates meant to be lived in for generations, gilted walls disappearing beneath decades' worth of portraiture. (Didn't happen: A century after it was built, a bunch of scientists took it over.) This was a classier joint than we're used to, but Randi comported himself as well as you'd expect.

Why No God? PDF Print E-mail
Challenge Correspondence
Written by Alison Smith   

cloudReceived at on 13 November 2008, unaltered except for removal of sender's name.


I was thinking about your site, and thought what about the possibility of testing for GOD. And then coincidently I found the following article on your web site (point 2.5). It is very interesting. For the first part, GOD means different things to different people. Though most people around the world believe in some form of God, or Gods.

There's Still Time to Take a Stand! PDF Print E-mail
James Randi
Written by James Randi   

Dear Friend, 

Every day we hear more stories of faith healers preying on the seriously ill, televangelists targeting poor communities, and psychics harassing grieving families. Fraudulent science sparks a vaccine-safety panic that puts children’s lives at risk, yet the mainstream media fans the flames for ratings instead of helping parents get the facts. Politicians seem more interested in attacking science than in prosecuting the people pushing fake bomb detectors on public safety agencies. 

If we want to see a healthier, safer, more rational world, it’s up to us to make it happen. Becoming one of the JREF's monthly donors means you want to fight for what we believe in. 

Your ongoing contribution will help educate students about critical thinking; support grassroots skeptics campaigns; and take on corporations, media organizations and celebrity hucksters that promote dangerous nonsense. 

Will you Take a Stand for Skepticism today? 

James Randi

P.S. Please take a minute to share this message with your friends and ask them to Take a Stand for Skepticism.

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