The Amazing Meeting 2014

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James Randi Educational Foundation
Video: Special Discussion Panel from TAM2 PDF Print E-mail
Amazing Meeting
Written by JREF   

In an effort to make our extensive video library available online free of charge, The James Randi Educational Foundation is posting high quality digital video lectures and sessions from previous Amaz!ng Meetings and other events on Check back often to see the latest video content.

This esteemed panel, featuring some of the leading figures in science and skepticism, addresses audience questions at The Amaz!ng Meeting 2. The panel covers women and minorities in skepticism, skepticism and faith, critical thinking education, and more. Panel participants include Penn & Teller, James Randi, Phil Plait, Eugenie Scott, Michael Shermer, Steven Barret, and others.

Recently at Science-Based Medicine PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dr. Harriet Hall   

Here is a recap of the stories that appeared recently at Science-Based Medicine, a multi-author skeptical blog that separates the science from the woo in medicine.

October News & Updates PDF Print E-mail
Latest JREF News
Written by JREF Staff   

The latest JREF nesletter is out. Don't miss our free online course, TAM 2013 videos, and more!

What You Can Do to Fight Woo (in 5 minutes or less) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Carrie Poppy   

If you follow the JREF on Facebook, you're already enjoying our day-by-day posts of news stories around the world showing both how unfounded beliefs hurt people (and animals) and how skepticism is gaining ground, fighting superstition and exploitation. But you may still be wondering what you can do to advance skepticism and reason. Here are a few ideas from recent headlines.


jonthomsonFormer TV News Reporter Claims He Can Tell the Future

What's Happening:  You know those times you predict a hurricane in the Philippines and you have nothing to prove it, and you think "Damn, if only I'd texted myself beforehand about this, I could be the talk of the town!"? Well, UK-based former TV reporter John Thomson is one step ahead of you. Claiming that he can predict the future, Thomson started texting himself his predictions and now claims he has a backlog of accurate predictions to rival any alleged psychic (shall we make a "predictive text" joke? No? Okay, we'll move on). The only problem is, Mr. Thomson has been collecting the texts for well over a year, giving him plenty of time to send thousands of texts to himself, and delete the predictions which didn't come true. Is he really foreseeing catastrophic world events, or just a really patient (and bored) texter? I'm suspicious.

What You Can Do: If John Thomson is all he claims to be, there's a million dollars waiting for him. Tweet at John and ask him to take the JREF's million dollar challenge. As always, be brief and polite.

The Leopard PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jamy Ian Swiss   

Some people see human tragedies as a time for empathy, sympathy, or charity.

Then there are those who see it as an opportunity. 

It didn’t take long after Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went missing on March 8, 2014, for Uri Geller to take to the airwaves and claim that he was asked to help in the search for the plane.

There should be nothing surprising about this. The most dangerous place on planet earth might be trying to stand between Uri Geller and a TV camera. 

What is perhaps surprising is how many people believe his claim. 

I don’t.

Occam’s Razor – a useful tool in critical thinking, and one frequently helpful in dealing with the likes of Mr. Geller (Example: How might one cause a compass to move? Psychic powers, or a magnet?) – advises us to begin solving any mystery by first considering the simplest possible explanation.

Applying this to Mr. Geller’s claim would suggest that – quite simply – no one called on Mr. Geller at all.

“I have been asked by a substantial figure in Malaysia who I know…”

Uh… really? Who exactly? And why haven’t they owned up to doing so? 

Because you’re a useless self-promoting exploiter of human misery, Mr. Geller? 

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