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UFO Photo Contest Winner Announced PDF Print E-mail
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Written by JREF Staff   

You know those times when you have a friend take a maternity photo of you, and all of a sudden, Buzz Lightyear shows up in it? Well, that happened to Maggie Waldron of the United Kingdom, which won her a feature in The Sun, complete with photo and the "spooky" story, calling the the Tim-Allen-shaped apparition "a UFO."

When we saw the photo (at left, below), we couldn't help but wonder if JREF supporters could replicate it themselves, showing that the same image could be produced with less than supernatural means. We took to Facebook and asked our readers to try their hand at mimicking the effect, and within hours had several dozen entries, from the spot-on to the downright hilarious. 

We are happy to announce the winner of our contest is Heather Adams, who will receive a Team Randi shirt for her entry. Congratulations, Heather! 



                           Maggie_Waldron_1588382a    HeatherAdams

                                          The original "UFO" photo.               Heather Adams' winning entry. Buzz Lightyear or Android logo? You decide.

See more of our favorite entries here:

All photos used with permission of the creator.