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Robert Sheaffer's "Psychic Vibrations" Now Available as a JREF Ebook! PDF Print E-mail
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Written by JREF Staff   

psychicvibrationscoverWe are very pleased to announce the latest edition to the JREF's growing collection of ebook offerings: Robert Sheaffer's Psychic Vibrations. In this hilarious and thought provoking anthology of his long-running Skeptical Inquirer column, Sheaffer explores reports of mermaids in the South Pacific, a flying saucer crash in Central Park, a secret government project to cover up proof of Noah's Ark, and much more. No matter the subject, Sheaffer brings along a skeptical mind and a winking sense of humor.

Now Psychic Vibrations is just a click or a tap away on Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, or Barnes & Noble Nook. Experience for yourself the book James Randi says is full of "lots of healthy laughs."