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JREF Swift Blog
Swift, named for Jonathan Swift, is the JREF's daily blog, featuring content from James Randi, the JREF staff, and other featured authors.

Yamaha Yakidding? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jeffrey Wagg   

phiten.jpgYamaha is a well known Japanese company that makes many things including engines, pianos, and electronics. Their reputation is excellent, and based on my experience with their products, well deserved. At least until now. Swift reader John Culbert informs us that Yamaha is now selling products known by those at the JREF to cause monetary loss, delusional beliefs, and embarassment. Behold: Phiten.

To be clear, these products are not made by Yamaha. They're made by Phiten, a Japanese company founded by Yoshiro Hirata, a man who devoted his life to becoming a chef, until illness forced him out of that business.  He then taught himself physical therapy, opened an institute, and invented Phiten technology. The products themselves are the same old thing: they're bracelets and other jewelry impregnated with some exotic sounding metal, this time titanium. From the Yamaha site :

This enhanced material is created with charged titanium particles that are uniquely processed into various forms, emitting a stabilizing field that is in tune with the body's natural system to increase energy capacity and enhance function. 


Chiropractic for Children? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Harriet Hall   

Amy Differ from Elk Grove, California, inquires about what she heard other mothers saying in a waiting room. “I was shocked to hear that many of them take their children to chiropractors and even have newborns adjusted for supposed misalignment that happens at birth! Have you heard about this? How dangerous is this? Have you heard anything about chiropractic therapy for autism?”

Big News from the Breatharians PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jeffrey Wagg   
wiley.jpgHoo boy. For those who don't know, breatharians are folks that live without the benefit of food. They take in all sustenance and energy through the air. And while this is among the silliest claims we've had at the JREF, we receive queries about it often, including challenge applications. However, 70-year old Wiley Brooks, who claims to have lived without food for thirty years, has just made an important announcement through his Breatharian Institute of America that may have us rethinking our previous notions.
Who Needs Proof? PDF Print E-mail
Written by James Randi   

Well, apparently a reader named “Adriana” did, but she didn’t look around much to find any before she paid up. Her letter:

I am writing to add some more proof to your claim that Sylvia Browne and her possy are con artists. I only want to describe my story so you will see that Chris [Dufresne] is not able to see the future and I am trying to open as many eyes as I can.

Isn't Floating Enough? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jeffrey Wagg   

hoverit.jpgSwift Reader Jeff McVann sends us:

I went to Wired Magazine's NEXTFEST in Chicago last weekend. There was plenty of cool and useful technology to be seen, but I was very disappointed to see the "Hoverit Lounger." It is a plastic chair with magnets that make it "float." A picture can be found here: Besides looking very uncomfortable - note that it is a solid plastic chair, and the arm rests stay put while the seat moves up and down - but the brochure also states "...inventor Keith Dixon claims the lounger's magnetic fields can help those suffering from backaches, headaches and muscular discomfort."

Price? $11,000!!! They say a fool and his money are soon parted. Only a fool would buy this chair.

Keep up the good work!


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