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2012 Pigasus Awards Announcement PDF Print E-mail
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Yay!!! the Pigasus Awards!
written by Geminize, April 01, 2012
James VanPraagh should be drawn and quartered, in the olde traditional sense of the term. (Not pretty.) Thank you for keeping scumbags like this in our awareness! I hope to see you at TAM this summer!
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Daryl Bem and his OTHER Pigasus-worthy research...
written by SheldonHelms, April 02, 2012
Although it's probably too obscure to receive the kind of attention his "psi" research does, Bem could have received the Pigasus Award years ago for his nonsensical research on sexual orientation. His "exotic-becomes-erotic" theory has been used by generations of psychologists to argue that homosexuality (and heterosexuality, I suppose, although it's never iterated that way) is LEARNED. Even though he begins with the premise that a biological difference starts us down that road, he insists that things like playing with opposite-sex or same-sex children and gender-based toys guides our sexual attraction. Sheer nonsense. I'm glad to see that he continues his tradition of poor research methodology with his "psi" experiments. Enjoy your Pigasus, Dr. Bem! LOL
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SO glad Syracuse was selected as a winner!
written by Magic, April 12, 2012
Good work in selecting Syracuse, FC, and Biklen.

I have been an outspoken critic of Syracuse and FC since they chose Biklen as a Dean there. My wife went to SU and still has some family there. We forgo any and all support at all for SU since then.

The problem is people, expecially some alumni, don't want to hear the controversy and, as they say, "can't handle the truth". We have been asked to leave twice from meetings/fundrasers when we try to engage in valid conversations on why FC doesn't work.

Maybe next time I can appear as a zombie?
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