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This Week In Doubtful News PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sharon Hill   

12.12.12 passed with no catastrophes this week. Sadly, 12.14.12 was horrible. The DN page went quiet for Friday afternoon but the week before had it's good, bad and strange moments. Here is a rundown of the top stories in pseudoscience, hoaxes, and the paranormal and associated skeptical commentary from the past week courtesy of Doubtful News.

Big news out of Australia as the Australian Vaccination Network, an anti-vax group, was ordered to change their name and quit misleading the public.

After the circus of the Denver UFOs video (insects), we came across another really awful news report. Why is every single blob on camera a ghost?

And, we have a special feature on how your camera manufactures artifacts that the paranormally-inclined observer may misinterpret.

JREF fellow Tim Farley is cited for his work into fake twitter followers.

The University of Chicago received a suspiciously media-oriented package. They say they don't know what it's all about.

The British Journal of Medicine pulls a fast one with their annual Christmas edition.

And, this poor tot had a strange object pulled from her cheek. Or, she exhibited a very recessive gene.

Psychics were at it again this week.

The good old Psychic Friends Network is coming to your smart phone.

In a disgusting display, a psychic influences the family of plane crash victim Jenni Riveras into thinking she survived. She didn't.

Americans blame climate weirdness on global warming or End Times.

Scientists continue to investigate one of the greatest hoaxes ever - Piltdown Man.

And finally, someone is finally doing something about that silly rule that says I have to stow my electronic readers during plane takeoff and landing. Huzzah!

We're counting down the days to the Unapocalypse Doomsdate at Doubtful News.

And, we have leftover links every night at midnight. Come on over for more stories.

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written by William, December 18, 2012
Did any psychics predict 12.14.12?
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Psychic not needed there...
written by Radwaste, December 18, 2012
All one had to do is note that "gun-free school zone" means "target-rich environment with no limits in effect".

In other news -- it's not a good thing that e-readers, etc., will be allowed on planes during takeoff or landing. You're talking about a public who will text themselves into trees and oncoming traffic when they drive, because the gadget is more important than driving their car. You got asked to put them away so you can figure out what's happening and not be disoriented in case of a crash. I'll be outside, wondering why you didn't get out. Oh. That's why. It was too much trouble for you to pay attention to the outside world.
This is the same reason gas stations don't want you to use your phone while filling up. You're just not paying attention if you're on the phone.
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