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Prophecy Never Was What It Used To Be PDF Print E-mail
Written by James Randi   

carr.jpgFrom a mass of books, videos, and publicity material dealing with “psychic” Anthony Carr – just received at the JREF Isaac Asimov Library – I selected one volume and was leafing through the pages, when I discovered an astounding fact: that this man Carr – who says he’s “The World’s Most Documented Psychic” – might want to lay off further documentation; he’s been quite, quite, wrong. See this Swift for more .  You see, two years and four months after he posted their imminent deaths, Lauren Bacall, Margaret Thatcher, Jack Klugman, Jimmy Carter, Ernest Borgnine (91), Sidney Poitier, and Mohammed Ali are still alive. True, Gerald Ford, Richard Widmark, and Oscar Peterson, are deceased, but the first two of them were 93 and 94 years of age, and Peterson – just 82, was in failing health and not expected to live long, at the time that Carr made his stunning prophecies.

Incidentally, Carr even mis-spelled the names of Ernest Borgnine and Sidney Poitier, calling the latter “Sydney Portier”…

Specifically, for 2005, Carr prophesied that Osama bin Laden would be brought to New York, the John Hancock Tower in Chicago would crumble, a “biological or nuclear mishap” would happen in the USA, and in Canada, Premier Dalton McGuinty would be assassinated, whales would attack fishing boats, two trains on the Toronto Sheppard Avenue Line would collide, swarms of rabid bats – originating in Montreal! – would infest Toronto, and the city of Edmonton would “get a shot at the Stanley Cup” – not saying whether Edmonton would win or not, but they didn’t even get in the playoffs, so that’s moot, anyway.  More prophecies about earthquakes and “giant storms” in Canada by Carr didn’t pan out, but there was a huge “washout” with his visions…

No, I won’t bore you with Carr’s predictions for 2006. He tried – once again – to get lucky on predicting the demise of Lauren Bacall, Mohammed Ali, and Jimmy Carter, but they insisted on surviving… Also in 2006 he confidently predicted that Ricardo Montalban and Billy Graham would die, and they didn’t… How this man Carr can persist in the face of such a miserable – and very well documented! – performance, is a matter to ponder over.

It couldn’t be that the Believers are just plain stupid, could it? That chortling you may hear in the background, might be Anthony Carr celebrating that fact…