The Amazing Meeting 2014

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TAM 7 Talent Show PDF Print E-mail
Written by Phil Plait   

Got talent?

At the JREF, we know we have one of the cleverest, funniest, artistic, and simply most talented audiences in the world.

But we are, after all, skeptics, and we decided it's time to prove it. So at The Amaz!ng Meeting 7 this year we're holding a Talent Show. Are you coming to TAM 7, and can you sing, dance, juggle, contort, do a light-sabre routine, tumble, prestidigitate, or bend spoons with the power of your mind alone? Then sign up!

And even if you don't want to get on stage and potentially embarrass yourself in front of hundreds of revelers, you can still be a reveler! Come to TAM 7 -- our speaker lineup is great, the extracurricular activities are stellar, and find out why TAMs are the premier skeptical conferences on the planet.

And yeah, we can prove that, too.

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written by thatguywhojuggles, April 06, 2009
Would love to come and juggler at TAM 7. Unfortunately I've never been able to afford the meetings. smilies/sad.gif

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written by Trez, April 06, 2009
Are we having such fun and jollity at the UK TAM?
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I'm Not There.
written by BillyJoe, April 06, 2009
I have a really neat trick. I can make myself disappear. Yeah that's right, you won't see me there.

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