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Randi radio interview on the Pigasus awards PDF Print E-mail
Written by Phil Plait   

250px-pigasusawardAs regular Swift readers know, last week we released the 2009 Pigasus Award winners, those unfortunate people who have done their best in the past year to snuff out the light of science and reason. Rob Breakenridge of the radio station CHQR in Canada interviewed Randi for the show "The World Tonight" about the awards, and the interview is available online at the CHQR website. They chatted about our recent YouTube woes, and Randi gives some details and insight on this year's "winners". Don't forget that the Pigasus awards were the topic of a recent Randi Speaks too!

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Lawsuit Expenses
written by GusGus, April 14, 2009
I'm disturbed by what Randi said in the interview. He said that he has had to spend a fortune defending himself in various lawsuits, although he has won every one. I had the impression that the loser in a civil case had to pay the winner's legal expenses. It certainly seems like a losing plaintiff should have to pay a winning defendant's expenses. Are there any lawyers out there who can explain the relevant law(s) to me?
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written by Steel Rat, April 14, 2009
GusGus, I'm not lawyer, nor would I ever want to be. But I think the answer lies in the jurisdiction.
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written by Realitysage, April 14, 2009
"[Randi] said that he has had to spend a fortune defending himself in various lawsuits"....

Actually, because Randi is a magician, all he has to do is wave his magic wand and huge sums of money will appear out of thin I was really thinking about Congress... smilies/cry.gif
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