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Don't Want Our Money? Take Theirs... PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jeff Wagg   

Attention Astrologers - many of you have refused to take the JREF $1,000,000 Challenge, often citing spurious excuses such as "the money isn't real" or "the tests are rigged." You're wrong about those things, but no matter... there is other money waiting for you:

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INR 25,00,000 challenge to all astrologers to forecast result of Parliament Election 2009

May 11th 2009

Science and Rationalists’ Association of India (Bharayatiya Bigyan o Yuktibadi Samiti) challenges all astrologers to forecast following results / information regarding Parliament Election 2009:--

  1. How many seats will be acquired by Congress, BJP, TMC, CPI(M), BSP, RJD, Samajbadi Party, DMK, AIDMK?
  2. How much differences in votes will remain to win/lose for Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi, Lalkrishna Advani, Mamata Bandopadhyay, Laluprasad Yadav, Rambilas Paswan from their respective nearest opponents?

If any astrologer can forecast the correct result, Science and Rationalists’ Association of India will give him INR 25,00,000.00 (Twenty five lakhs Indian Rupees) (approx US$50,000.00) and shut down the Association.

Astrologers should forecast on 14th or 15th May 2009. They should send their forecast to Science and Rationalists’ Association of India by email (Email id of General Secretary: , Email id of President: ) and any of the following Press:

  • Anandabazar Patrika
  • Bartaman
  • Star Ananda
  • Kolkata TV
  • The Statesman
  • The Times of India
  • NDTV
  • Aajtak
  • BBC
  • PTI
  • UNI
  • AFP
  • AP

Astrologers have the habit of announcing after every election that, they had predicted the correct result. Science and Rationalists’ Association of India challenges in order to stop such false propaganda.

Prabir Ghosh,
General Secretary,
Science and Rationalists’ Association of India

Sumitra Padmanabhan,
Science and Rationalists’ Association of India

So, how's that? Pretty straightforward, wouldn't you say? You won't have to worry about Randi's "super-psychic powers" dampening your own abilities, and you get the privilege of watching doubters actually shut down their organization in awe of your powers.

Like the JREF, the Science and Rationalists’ Association of India is putting their money and reputation where their mouth is. All you have to do is show us. Why is that so difficult?