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How To Give Progressivism a Bad Name In Your Already Not-Very-Progressive Southern State PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brandon K. Thorp   
Thursday, 18 February 2010 12:54

A journalist friend once remarked to me that “fair and balanced” reportage is an impossible ideal because the two terms are at war. To be fair is to tell the truth as best you can. To be balanced is to consult a flat-Earther for a counterpoint every time you write a story about a shuttle launch. This is a fine distinction, and one that I'm guessing the good folks at Atlanta Progressive News failed to grok while attempting to justify the firing of senior staff writer Jonathan Springston because of his unseemly attachment to... objectivity.

Flogging the adverts. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Steve Cuno   
Wednesday, 17 February 2010 12:30

I had intended my recent Swift article to be an empowering piece on personal responsibility. I also wanted to bust a few myths about advertising’s alleged powers of control. Judging from many of the comments, it seems that some readers took the piece for a unilateral defense of marketing, abuses included, and a disavowal of marketers’ responsibilities for what and how they sell.

D.J. Grothe on Skepticality PDF Print E-mail
Latest JREF News
Written by Jeff Wagg   
Wednesday, 17 February 2010 00:00

Derek of Skepticality catches up with D.J. Grothe and talks about his new role, and some new directions and changes that he wants to make to the JREF to focus more on educating the public and pushing critical thought to the populace.

Skeptics Guide to the Universe: Brian Dunning PDF Print E-mail
Latest JREF News
Written by Jeff Wagg   
Wednesday, 17 February 2010 00:00

This week on The Skeptics Guide to the Universe:

Special Guest: Brian Dunning
News Items: Enceladus Update, Synthetic Organisms, Spray On Glass, Gasoline from Carbon, Oral Conception
Who's That Noisy
Name That Logical Fallacy: False Analogy
Science or Fiction

Listen and comment at Skeptics Guide to the Universe.

... just a very bad wizard. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jamie Hale   
Tuesday, 16 February 2010 14:03

During a recent episode of The Dr. Oz Show, Oz discussed Reiki — an alternative medicine that Oz says might be the “most important alternative medicine treatment of all.” Oz explained to the audience that his wife was a Reiki master, and from time to time she uses the treatment on him. “I can’t even tell when she’s treating me. Sometimes she secretly treats me,” says Oz. After a brief introduction to this alternative “energy medicine,” Oz introduces Reiki master Pamela Miles. At this point, there is a lady from the audience — with a headache — sitting in a chair in front of Miles. Before Miles treats the headache she explains, “Reiki is a balancing practice, and so rather than addressing the headache or whatever else is the problem, what it does is influences the person’s overall system towards balance.” After a brief intro on basic Reiki, Miles performs her magic, and presto: The lady’s headache is gone.


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